Sunday, January 18, 2009

The View From My Couch

(Open letter to anyone who reads this):

Dear All,

I want to start with an apology. I'm sorry for creating a blog. I'm sorry for investing time in a vehicle in which I will periodically present my opinions on any number of topics whether it be sports, music, tv, movies, books, politics, or whatever really strikes my fancy.

Blogging (is that even a real term by now?) is about the lamest thing you can do with your free time. I would go so far as to say dressing up like an 8-foot Chewbacca and going to a Star Wars convention is far more constructive. At least in that instance you have some human interaction. As it stands right now I am doing little more than sitting on my couch (presumably with pants on, although it really depends on my wash cycle) throwing barbs or offering up opinions people probably could care less about.

With that being said. I can hardly blame myself. It's not my fault. It's a cultural thing really. The 21st century is about the "Culture of Me". People just cannot get enough of themselves with blogs and personal websites and My Space and Facebook and stupid reality tv and whatever else. The status update on Facebook is something that really gets me. I just want to tell people "The number of people that care that you're 'chillin like a villain in your apart-eezy' can easily be counted on Jim Abbott's right hand."

I fully understand the fact that I'm writing a blog is ridiculous and I hope you accept my most sincere and humble apologies. I also hope you might get a chuckle out of anything I write or perhaps I might even arouse some deep and meaingful feeling within you....or hopefully just the former. At the very least I'll be putting down some good ideas for my book. I figure everyone eventually writes a book about themselves in the "Culture of Me" right? Enjoy.


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