Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TV Temperature Check

Top 5 BEST shows people AREN'T watching:

1) Friday Light Lights (NBC)
2) 30 Rock (NBC)
3) Mad Men (AMC)
4) Scrubs (ABC)
5) The Soup (E!)

Most Underrated: The Soup (E!)
On life support: Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Already dead: Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)

Top 5 WORST Shows people ARE watching:

1) Hole in the Wall (FOX)
2) Rock of Love (VH1) 2a) Bromance (MTV)
3) Deal or No Deal (NBC)
4) Biggest Loser (NBC)
5) The City (MTV)

Most Overrated: The City (MTV)
Most Embarrassing: Bromance (MTV)
Are you kidding me..really? : Hole in the Wall (FOX)
Won't seem to go away: anything with Bret Michaels


  1. #1 Under rated show...How I met your mother

  2. thats a good one too, but its kinda lost a little off its fast ball since the NPH news..detracts from the Barney character