Monday, March 2, 2009

Stock Up/ Stock Down Report

Stock Up: NBC Network moving Conan O’Brian to 11:30PM-“HHHhheeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeee’ssssss Cooonnaaan!” Kudos to NBC for tabbing Conan O’Brien to replace Jay Leno in the 11:30 PM Tonight Show slot. Having long languished in relative obscurity at the insomniac 12:30 AM time slot, Conan moves to 11:30 on June 1 of this year.

You may not have noticed, but Conan has been the best late night host going for quite a while. His brand of comedy is much edgier than that of the “Superman of politically correct comedy” Jay Leno. However, Jay will be a tough act to follow. Leno has routinely played to “middle America” with his super safe comedy, gotten huge ratings, and routinely beaten David Letterman. I’m hoping Conan does well enough to stick around for a while….. I don’t think I will ever get tired of
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

I also like Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan at 12:30 (even though he’s a Red Sox fan from Saugerties, New York)

Stock Down: NBC putting Jay Leno at 10 PM- How can you give Conan the 11:30 slot and then sabotage him by putting Leno at 10 PM? How many people are going to watch an hour talk show and then come back a half hour later (after the 11 clock news) to watch the same type of show? This is going to steal Conan’s audience as well as potential guests. Give the guy a chance at least…cmon!

Stock Up: Giants sign former University of Virginia DE Chris Canty- The Giants got much more physical and versatile along the defensive line by signing Canty during the free agency period last week. At 6-7 and 300 pounds Canty has the ability to play either defensive tackle or defensive end. His size and ability to occupy blockers will also free up Osi and Justin Tuck to get loose along the edges, and get to the quarterback. Also, don’t be surprised if Canty explodes up the middle for a few sacks of his own.
Is it me or did the Giants never bat down any throws by an opposing QB last year? With very long arms Canty will also add that much needed “shot block” ability.

At the very least, the G-Men steal a solid player away from the Cowboys….especially one of the only guys they had who hasn’t been a bombastic locker room disruption. And don’t forget the Giants won a Super Bowl two years ago by stocking up on talent at DE.

Stock Down: Jets sign LB Bart Scott- Scott is an ok signing (although they overpaid for him at 6 years and $48 million), but I would have liked to see the Jets address a need for a pass rusher.

The Jets will now have to again address this need in the draft…that is unless 2008 #6 overall pick Vernon Gholston stops looking at his muscles in the mirror and attempts to play football. Hey Jets fans….did you know Gholston made $21 Millions dollars last year for 5….count ‘em 5 total solo tackles? FIVE! If it weren’t for Kirstie Alley periodically paying a nutritionist and Donald Trump paying a hair stylist, these would be the worst spent dollars in history.

Stock Down: Manny Ramirez (with an assist from Agent Scott Boras)- So far Manny and Boras (also Arod’s agent) have turned down three offers from the Dodgers since last season ended: 2 years for $45 million, 1 year for $25 million, and 1 year for $25 Million with a $20 Million dollar player option. The last rejected offer is especially perplexing. Basically, the offer from the Dodgers entails guaranteeing Manny $25 Million for next year….then in 2010 he has the choice to a) play in LA for $20 Million at his discretion (no matter how he plays this year) or b) shop himself in the free agent market next year and see if he can find more money or a long term deal….and then if he doesn’t get it he can take the money from the Dodgers no questions asked.

Oh by the way another little wrinkle: there are no other offers out there. The only other teams that could even afford him (Yanks, Sox, Cubs, Angels, Mets, and maybe the Angels) have no interest at this point.

Boras is on record that he will hold out for 4 years and $120 Million.

In a similar vein, Sandy Koufax is holding out for Bernie Madoff to return his money, Anne Coulter is holding out for an Obama cabinet appointment, and I’m holding out on buying a monthy subway pass with the hope I can ride a Unicorn to work.

On the other hand….

Stock Up: To whatever good stuff Boras is smoking

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  1. Looks like Manny finally took the money